YI 4K White Sports Camera: 4K/30fps Video, 12MP Image, EIS & Voice Control – Features and Queries?

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YI, a well-recognized name in the action camera industry, introduces their 4K White Sports Camera. A device that seamlessly combines high-quality video, clear images, and innovative features, ensuring every adventure is captured in pristine detail.
Dive into the specifications and benefits of the YI 4K White Sports Camera:

4K/30fps Video: Capture moments in stunning clarity and detail.
12MP Raw Image: For the enthusiasts, raw image capture ensures every minute detail is retained for post-processing.
EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization): Say goodbye to shaky videos. With EIS, your footages are smoother, providing a more professional look.
Voice Control: Go hands-free and control your camera with simple voice commands.
Live Stream: Share your adventures in real-time with your audience.
Sleek White Design: A design that doesn’t just perform but also adds aesthetic appeal.

Whether you’re diving off cliffs, skiing down snowy slopes, or simply capturing a sunset, this camera ensures your memories are vivid and clear.
**Q**: Can I live stream directly from the YI 4K Sports Camera?
**A**: Yes, the YI 4K White Sports Camera offers live stream functionality.

Q: Does the voice control support multiple languages?
A: The voice control primarily supports English but it’s best to check with the manufacturer for additional language support.

Q: Is the Electronic Image Stabilization suitable for extreme sports?
A: Absolutely, the EIS feature ensures that even during high-action scenarios, the footage remains steady and smooth.

Q: What’s the storage capacity for 4K videos?
A: The storage would depend on the memory card used. However, 4K videos, due to their size, will fill up storage faster than lower resolutions.

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