Yolansin 4K EIS WiFi Action Camera – Submersible up to 131ft/40m, Broad 170° Lens, 20MP Cycling Accessory, 2.4G Remote, Dual Battery, Helmet Kit Included

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Experiencing exhilarating outdoor activities takes a fresh turn with the Yolansin 4K Action Camera. This high-performing gadget, complete with Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) and WiFi capability, ensures you capture every moment in stunning detail. Dive, ride or glide with the camera that’s rated to plunge to depths of 131ft/40m. The 170° angle lens provides immersive footage while the 20MP resolution guarantees crisp imagery. Featuring a 2.4G remote control, a dual battery system, and a set of helmet accessories, this camera is tailored for those who live for adventure.
Life, as the saying goes, isn’t a spectator sport. The Yolansin 4K Action Camera makes certain you’re not just a participant, but also a keen observer of your thrilling pursuits. Equipped with an expansive 170° angle lens, it captures your exploits in grand vistas. More so, the 20MP feature brings out the vividness and clarity of every scene.

Diving beneath the waves? This action camera is your perfect partner, certified to function up to 131ft/40m underwater. The 4K 30fps recording capability ensures no details are lost, whether you’re exploring a coral reef or navigating a thrilling mountain bike trail.

Enhancing the camera’s robust design is its EIS feature. This technology stabilises your footage, reducing motion blur and camera shake, especially crucial when engaged in high-speed activities.

Complementing these technical advantages, the Yolansin 4K Camera also focuses on user convenience. With WiFi capability, sharing and storing your footage becomes seamless. The 2.4G remote control and dual battery system allow you to handle and extend your recording time with ease. Lastly, a full suite of helmet accessories ensures that the camera can securely tag along on your escapades, no matter how wild.
Q: Can the Yolansin 4K Action Camera function properly underwater?
A: Absolutely, it’s designed to work up to 131ft/40m underwater, letting you capture clear and high-resolution underwater shots.

Q: Does it feature a remote control?
A: Yes, it includes a 2.4G remote control for convenient operation during your adventures.

Q: What is the benefit of the 170° angle lens?
A: The broad 170° lens captures more of your surroundings, providing an immersive viewing experience.

Q: What does the package include apart from the camera?
A: Besides the camera, the package includes two batteries for extended usage, a 2.4G remote control for ease of operation, and a helmet accessories kit to secure your camera during your adventures.

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