YTETCN Waterproof Camera for Kids 3-8, Underwater Device with 32 GB SD Card, 1080P HD Video – Orange

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Introducing YTETCN’s Waterproof Camera designed specifically for youngsters aged between 3 and 8. Whether exploring underwater or capturing memories on dry land, this camera offers 1080P HD quality and comes equipped with a 32 GB SD Card. The orange design adds a fun and youthful touch, making it an appealing choice for both girls and boys.
The YTETCN Waterproof Camera is not only a source of endless fun but also a tool for nurturing creativity in children. Encased in a robust, waterproof shell, the camera can venture below water to snap vivid pictures of aquatic life or record family pool adventures.

Included is a 32 GB SD Card, providing ample space to store all those cherished memories. The camera’s 1080P HD Video quality ensures clear and vibrant captures. An orange finish adds to the camera’s visual appeal, making it a favorite among young photographers.

Parents will find it a perfect gift, as it combines entertainment with education, helping children to discover the world around them and express themselves through pictures and videos. The intuitive design ensures that even the youngest of photographers can use it with ease.
Q: Is the camera suitable for children under three?
A: No, the YTETCN Waterproof Camera is designed for children aged 3 to 8.

Q: What’s the battery life of this camera?
A: The camera offers several hours of continuous use, depending on settings and usage.

Q: Can the camera be connected to a computer for transferring photos?
A: Yes, the camera can be connected to a computer using the included cable, allowing for easy transfer of photos and videos.

Q: Is the 32 GB SD Card included, or does it need to be purchased separately?
A: The 32 GB SD Card is included with the camera, providing ample storage for your child’s creative captures.

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