YYCAMUS HD 1080P Smart Glasses: Spy Sunglasses with Bluetooth & 32GB Memory

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Introducing the YYCAMUS Smart Glasses: not your typical eyewear. Boasting HD 1080P video capabilities, these sunglasses seamlessly blend fashion with functionality. Perfect for the sporty and adventurous, they come equipped with Bluetooth, an earphone, and a built-in 32GB memory card. Whether you’re vlogging or simply capturing memories, these glasses are your perfect companion.

The YYCAMUS Smart Glasses redefine what eyewear can do. With crisp HD 1080P video recording capabilities, these sunglasses aren’t just about shading your eyes from the sun. They’re also about capturing life’s moments on the go. Key features include:

HD 1080P Video Recording: Capture high-definition footage without carrying bulky equipment.

Built-in Bluetooth & Earphone: Stay connected and entertained, all without the need for extra gadgets.

32GB Internal Memory: With ample storage, you can record hours of footage without worry.

Sleek Design for Men: Stylish and functional, these glasses suit any occasion.

Versatile Use: Ideal for vlogging, sports, outdoor adventures, or just daily wear.

With YYCAMUS Smart Glasses, see the world through a new lens, while also recording it.

Q: Can the YYCAMUS glasses be paired with any Bluetooth device?
A: Yes, they can be paired with most Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Q: How long does the battery last on a full charge?
A: The battery duration varies based on usage, but typically it lasts several hours on continuous recording.

Q: Is the 32GB memory expandable?
A: No, the glasses come with a built-in 32GB memory card, which is not expandable.

Q: Are the glasses water-resistant?
A: They’re designed for everyday use, but they aren’t waterproof. It’s best to avoid direct contact with water.

Q: How do you transfer videos from the glasses to a computer?
A: Transferring is simple via USB connection. Connect the glasses to your computer, and access the files like any external storage device.

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