Exprotrek 4K Action Cam: Touch Screen, EIS, 170° Wide Angle, 40m Waterproof, Helmet Gear, Remote Enabled

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Discover the realm of extreme sports with Exprotrek 4K Action Camera. Offering breathtaking 4K footage, intuitive touch screen interface, Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) for smooth recordings, a sweeping 170° ultra-wide angle lens, and 40m waterproof capacity. This sports camera comes with helmet accessories and remote control capability for unparalleled convenience.
Step into the world of adrenaline-packed sports and adventures with Exprotrek 4K Action Camera. With its superior 4K 60FPS recording, capture every thrilling moment in ultra-high-definition. The integrated touch screen offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, putting all controls right at your fingertips.

The camera’s Electronic Image Stabilisation ensures steady, smooth footage, effectively reducing camera shakes and blurring. This is especially critical during fast-paced or high-intensity activities.

Take in more of the scene with its 170° ultra-wide-angle lens. It broadens your view, capturing all the action and scenery in a single frame. Perfect for sports, adventure, and landscape videography.

Relish the underwater adventures worry-free, thanks to its 40m waterproof capability. It’s ideal for diving, swimming, surfing, or just capturing the rain-swept vistas.

The camera also includes helmet accessories, allowing hands-free operation and ease of mounting. The remote control feature ensures you never miss an epic moment, enabling you to trigger recording from a distance.

This Exprotrek 4K Action Camera is not just a device; it’s your companion in every adventure, your reliable eyewitness in every journey.
Q: Is the Exprotrek 4K Action Camera really waterproof up to 40m?
A: Yes, it is designed with a waterproof capacity up to 40m, making it perfect for water sports and underwater filming.

Q: Does the camera come with helmet accessories?
A: Absolutely, the package includes helmet accessories for hands-free operation during your sporting adventures.

Q: Can I control this camera remotely?
A: Yes, the camera comes with a feature allowing remote control. This is especially useful for starting and stopping recording when the camera is mounted or out of reach.

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